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If you are reading this, you must be either interested in gambling or already loving it. Or maybe you even grew to hate it?

Quoting Paracelsus, ‘All things are poison, and nothing is without poison, the dosage alone makes it so a thing is not a poison.’

This is why using common sense and approaching casinos responsibly will help you keep any possible problems to a minimum and enjoy yourself at full blast.

On our part, we will try our best to guard you against acting off the top of your head.
We will share our moderate experience with you and tell you all about the pitfalls that you may encounter.

This website aims to inform you in detail about gambling software, gambling and its history, pros and cons of casino bonuses (you might even get exclusive bonuses!).

How to choose a trustworthy casino and where to turn to if your first choice was not a success.
We do not encourage scamming from casinos or players.
We also give you an honest warning (please consider well what we have to say): gambling is not a way to earn money. It is a form of entertainment, and quite an expensive one.

So you have to treat it like entertainment and realize that the most important thing is to know when to stop. If you are not able to stop, it might be a symptom of compulsive gambling, or ludomania.

In this case, we recommend that you go to our section on how to prevent gambling addiction.
In this part of our website, we will tell you how to avoid development of gambling addiction, how to identify its first symptoms, and where to turn to in the worst case scenario of not being able to fight ludomania on your own.

Apart from advice and recommendations, we will also provide you with contact details of experts who deal with this problem professionally.
We will also look into a great variety of strategies for the basic types of blackjack, video poker, and other games.

This knowledge will help you become a better player and achieve positive results.
We will try our best to keep making our website better. This is hard work.

So please help us improve: feel free to share your thoughts, advice, ideas, and critique, or simply send us a word of encouragement.

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