Roulette systems

Roulette systems

Roulette systems, or how to beat the roulette

We’ll jump ahead a bit and tell you this: you can’t beat the roulette with mathematics, and here is why. A great many gamblers have tried to trace the number hitting sequence with pen and paper, and the only thing they achieved was losing plenty of time. Just remember that the wheel has no memory, so previous winning numbers have no influence whatsoever on where the ball will land next time.

For instance, consider black hitting 5 times in a row. Despite this long streak, in the next spin the odds of black spinning are the same as before. The odds will be the same each time the little white ball will start spinning.

Roulette systems that rely on progressive bets do not function. Still, there will always be players who will use this method to try to win. Those know-it-alls are always welcome guests at the casinos. Their aim is to break the bank and prove that their system is better than other similar theories. Little do they know – or maybe they just don’t want to believe it – that they fight a losing battle. Any system relies on false psychology-based assumptions. In some cases, a system can indeed result in a win in the course of one game or even a series of games. But these are exceptions rather than regularities, and the winners should owe their success to nothing but good luck. The only benefit that you can get from using a system is a chance to lower your losses to the optimal level for a certain period of time. But to achieve this, you must be obsessed with gambling. A roulette systems brings certain results only to those players who have made gambling their way of life and who see a casino as their place of work. And this is not what we want, right?

Let us tell you about one of the systems for cautious players.

Cuban system

In each round, the player places two bets – the first one on black, and the second one on the entire third column (3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30,33,36). The strategy is based on the fact that the third column has 8 red numbers and only 4 black numbers. It might seem that the Cuban system is rather reliable and can give you the higher odds of winning. But if you analyze this method, you will realize that you can’t level the chances of winning by the same size loss under the second alternative bet. On top of that, those who favor this system do not consider the “zero” factor.

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