Roulette layout, Croupier

roulette layout

Roulette layout

roulette layout

roulette layout

 European-style and American-style roulette has the same layout. The only difference is the number of zeros.

You will see the following words on the table:

·         Manque –  low bets from 1 through 18

·         Passe –  high bets from 19 through 36

·         Pair – evens

·         Ompair – odds

·         Noirblack

·         Rougered

·         12Rnumbers 1 through 12

·         12Mnumbers 13 through 24

·         12Dnumbers 25 through 36

 The roulette layout is painted on the green cloth of the table. Zero is in the upper part of the table. Below, you will see 36 red and black boxes with numbers divided into three groups of 12.

Later the rows with numbers, on the side where the players sit, you will see three empty boxes.


Croupier roulette

 Of course, you cannot classify a croupier roulette as equipment, but it is one of the main characters in a roulette game. The croupier roulette is so closely linked to the roulette table, chips, and other elements of the game that it is really hard to separate one from the other.

This peculiar term has a very interesting origin. Once, the term croupier was used to talk about a person who sat behind the horseman, on the part of the horse’s back called croup. A croupier used to be a horseman’s companion and assistant. In the 17th century, the French started to use this word to talk about someone who stood behind the back of a first-time gambler and gave him advice.

Nowadays, practically no casino game can do without a croupier. There can be up to two croupiers at one table. This arrangement is more convenient for the players, because in this case the table can fit more bets while the size of the betting area remains the same. Each croupier has his or her own responsibilities. Usually, one of them arranges the chips by value, while another spins the wheel and the ball and moves the chips from the losers to the winners with a special croupier’s rake.


Types of best roulette bets

roulette layout

roulette layout

 In roulette, a player can make any of the eleven different types of bets:

·         1. On a single number

·         2. On a group of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 12 numbers

·         3. On a column of 12 numbers

·         4. On red or black

·         5. On even or odd

·         6. On a number in the chosen range: 1 to 18, or 19 to 36

 Once again, the game involves 36 numbers that are evenly divided into reds and blacks, evens and odds, and there is also a zero. This arrangement was used to create a gaming system that is based on the probability theory. The wins are governed by this system and depend on the bet type. For example, if an even bet wins, your win will be the same size as the bet, because the probability of landing an odd or an even number is the same.

 Should a bet on a single number win – let’s say on 3 – you will win 35x your bet, since the probability of hitting this number is 1 in 36.

This precise mathematical order has only one exception, and that is zero. Zero is neither an odd nor an even, neither a red nor a black. You have to bet on zero separately. Should you hit zero, your win will equal 35x your bet, and all other bets will lose. That said, there are certain types of bets that let you combine zero with other numbers.


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