Rules of roulette

game of roulette

Rules of roulette

Most people, upon hearing the word game of roulette, would immediately think of a spinning wheel and a little ball artfully set into motion by a croupier. Even those who’ve never played roulette know about the game from books and movies. Out of all games and machines offered in a casino, roulette wheel is the most vivid embodiment of gambling and the passion it evokes. Surprisingly though, in American casinos less than 2% of the guests play roulette, while 45% of the visitors prefer blackjack, and 30% choose slot machines.

So why does roulette get all the glory? Why is it more well-known than blackjack, which is the most popular casino game, or slot machines that account for over 50% revenue in the gambling business?

Game of roulette might have lost some of its allure, but it remains one of the most exciting gambling games of all times.


The history of Rules of roulette is something that scholars still argue about. Many historians believe that the game originated in France and that its inventor was Blaise Pascal who came up with this idea in 1655 during his religious retreats.

Another exotic and noteworthy theory takes the origins of roulette all the way down to ancient China. Ages ago, there was a popular Chinese game where the players had to place 37 animal figurines in a magic circle made of 666 squares. The rules of this game did not make it through the ages. The game was popular with Tibetan monks who passed its rules over to their French colleagues, the Dominican monks. Later, one of them came out with an idea to replace the figurines with numbers from 0 to 36 and put these numbers along the edge of the spinning wheel.


A Rules of roulette table consists of a spinning wheel (roulette) and a betting area known as the layout. There are two types of roulette tables:

  1. A table with a wheel at one end and a layout at another end.
  2. A table with a wheel in the center and a layout on either side.

In the first variant, the game of roulette wheel is located at the far end of a long table. The betting area occupies another side of the table, with up to 6 players seated around it.

Some experienced gamblers believe that certain places at the table are better than the others because you can better see the layout and it is easier to place a bet.

The betting rules are rather flexible. You are not allowed to bet once the ball starts to slow down and the croupier announces ‘no more bets’. It is up to the croupier to making the announcement without delay or giving the gamblers more time to think.

Differences between the European-style and American-style roulettes:

American-style roulettes

European-style american roulette
The wheel has 37 pockets: numbers 1 through 36, and a zero


The wheel has 38 pockets: numbers 1 through 36, and two zeros, which doubles the casino’s odds of winning.
The sequence of numbers has no regular pattern.


The sequence of numbers has a regular pattern. Two consecutive numbers of the same color add up to 37, for example: 4 black and 33 black; 14 red and 23 red.




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